You have so many options when it comes to business office receivables. We all know what we must do to collect the bad debts.  It requires effective communication and a solid process.  Your patient/customer must know that you will do what you say you will do.

There is a majority of people that will pay a bill upon receipt, as long as they understand what they are paying for.

They is also a percentage that never intended to pay the bill.

Dignity is not a "collection agency in a box."  Every practice is different and the demographics will determine what must be done.

Dignity will get to the bottom of things. Quite simply, if it's collectible, we will collect it.  we will use extensive skip tracing and demographic verification tools, we will send effective and precise written communication and then follow up with phone calls that are not a robo-call.

We must talk to the debtor and have a meeting of the minds so to speak.

Let's not fool ourselves.  we are not going to collect every dime.  But if it's collectible, we will.

As a client you will have 24/7 access to everything we do via our Client Portal. We will record every single phone call in and out.  If there is ever a questions as what was said or done, you can listen for yourself and determine if Dignity represented you adequately.

We will TALK to the debtor. We will EXPLAIN the charges, offer payment options and report to the credit bureau where appropriate.  We will never abuse anyone or treat anyone with less respect than we would want for our own families.

Dignity Collect would be so honored to represent you as your accounts receivable vendor. We promise to do the absolute best job we can. Dignity has set up an incredible customer service friendly work flow. There are so many ways Dignity Collect can assist you. When you are ready to review your bad debt process, please keep Dignity Collect in mind.

  1. We customize our statements to fit the needs of your community. We can assimilate to different languages, focus on Medicaid or Medicare and/or send different verbiage for balance after insurance and private pay. It’s just blows my mind that agencies send the same letter to all patients.

  2. We record every call in and out. If there is ever a question as to what was said, you can hear the entire conversation and determine for yourself if we handled that call in accordance to your satisfaction.

  3. We offer our client 24/7 access to our “real time” Client Intelligence Portal. You can see everything we do.  View notices sent, calls made and see every collector’s notes. We are 100% exposed to you. Our staff can communicate with yours. We have a customer service chat box as well to answer your questions quickly.

  4. 24/7 contact via our Patient Portal. Your patients can log on to a secure portal day and night.  Pay a bill or request an itemization. They can chat with an agent, set up payment arrangements or dispute a bill. 20% of all payments made to us done so online and we never even have to speak to them. Amazing and designed exclusively for your practice.

  5. My final offer is the one I am most proud of. I am one of very few agencies in the USA that have complete access to exclusive skip tracing and asset verification databases. If you have never seen this, then you are in for a treat. We literally can find anyone. Cell phones, bank accounts, home owner info and everything down to library cards and voter registration. So amazing, but comes with great responsibility.  Years of honest business dealings has granted Dignity this privilege.



Early Intervention

Self-Pay Account Resolution

Communication. The very thing we all lack in our business office. It's hard enough to keep trained personnel ready for customer interaction, but finding the time and resources for pro-active communication is nearly impossible.

Dignity's Early Intervention Program is designed around your specific needs and is customized for the challenges you specifically face.

  • Maybe your statement process works well for you but you have no time to make pro-active phone calls. 

  • Maybe you do not have the staff to respond to incoming calls.

  • Maybe you need the whole package.

Let me ask you this:  What if you could come into your business office tomorrow and never worry about a patient/customer account again?

This is more than a dream situation, it's a reality.

The program starts with a free self-pay consultation with an expert.  We will evaluate your process steps and the effectiveness of those procedures.  we will then form a process customized especially for your needs. 

Everything we do is in your name with our contact information.  your customer never knows a third party is involved. We will send all your statements, eliminating that monthly cost for you.  Yes!!!  the statement costs are included in our fee!

Next we will call every account using our highly trained manual call center. Every call we make is a land-line manual call. Customers hate the dialer type calls and they are becoming more and more ineffective. We record every call in and out and if there is ever a question as to the integrity of a conversation, you can listen to that call for yourself and determine if Dignity handled that call as you would. Don't let your provider drag you with them through a TCPA lawsuit.

We will answer all your incoming calls.  We answer as your business office. All voice mail is responded to withing 3 hours. Your customer can enter their number for a call back. They can chat with us online. They can pay online.

Did you know that on average 30% of your accounts have a bad address and/or a bad phone number? That means that 30% of your accounts are never being notified they even have a balance due.  We will scan these accounts for the correct information and verify the customer has received their statement. This will increase your self-pay cash flow by 30% overnight.

Can you imagine following that great statement with a phone call to insure the statement was received and to ask if your customer has any questions? 

Dignity's Early Intervention resolves issues before they become issues.

This is all done on a contingency fee that is based on the level of service. Single digit fee guaranteed!

We’ll work with you to create a program that fits your needs. Our workflows are designed to integrate with your patient accounting system and our advanced technologies support an approach that’s focused on providing excellent customer service.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure a seamless service-to-payment experience for your customers.

Bad Debt Collections

It's not personal......it's business. We operate our business, perform our services to the best of our abilities, and expect to be paid. What happens when it doesn't happen?

I like to use the scenario of a friend borrowing $20.00 from you and telling you they will pay you Friday.  Friday comes and they are nowhere to be found.  Monday morning and you are getting the cold shoulder.  Do you ask for your $20 or do you let it slide? Maybe you did have the courage to ask and were told they forgot but they will pay you next payday. The circle continues and in the end the whole things becomes a conflict. Turning a customer into a collection agency does not have to be an adversarial experience.

People either pay their bills or they don't. Our job as your collection agency, is to contact those customers and find out which they are.

You can hire an agency that services focus on robo-calls pounding your customer every day for the rest of their lives or sending constant meaningless letters by a machine month after month. 

It's about PEOPLE!

It's about calling people and asking them to pay.  Eliminating the excuses and resolving issues that may or may not be justified, but your customer wants to express.

Everyone wants to pay their bills.  Things happen in the course of our lives that cause us to have to prioritize who gets paid and who has to wait.....sometimes indefinitely. The last thing your customer wants is an arrogant agent telling them why they need to pay their bills. 

Here's the secret, if someone cares about their credit they are going to pay. If they don't then there is little we can do about it short of a lawsuit.  Even then, what's the point if there is nothing to attach after judgment is rendered? Let's be sensible. Let's collect from an intelligent angle. First we need to find the subject.  30% of all accounts ending up in bad debt have a bad address or a bad phone number.  Most times they are never made aware they have been turned to a collection agency. In healthcare, 15% of accounts turned to collection could have and should have been paid by medical insurance. 

Thirty years ago collection agencies used to collect from 3 x 5 index cards.  They used rotary dial phones and no internet.  The average recovery was 16%.  Guess what, today with all of our technology and all the advanced methods we have, the average collection rate is still 16%.  This proves my point. Our job is to contact your customer and ask for payment.

This is what we do and we will do it with professional means and compassionate conversations.               

The people we collect from are our brother and sisters, neighbors and co-workers. Let's just talk to them and listen to what they have to say.  If they choose after that conversation to not pay then they have chosen the repercussions.


Specialty Services

Post Visit Insurance Eligibility Scan

Try as we may to capture all required insurance information at the time of service, we all fall short. Our service will scan your entire data base or just a portion and find every billable account you have missed. Ask for a free scan and see for yourself what your missing. Packaged as part of our service or available per account fee.



We offer a very low contingency fee rate and promise lower than any agency you have worked with. Flat rates are also an option.

We also promise results. 

We cannot promise we will collect every dollar, but we do promise if we can’t collect it, you will know exactly why.

Hope to hear from you very soon.


The average self-pay bucket contains 15% to 20% eligible insurance accounts. Dignity will scan your accounts (or database), find and verify the eligibility and provide you a file to rebill these accounts.

Industry data shows the average self-pay bucket contains 30% bad addresses or bad phone numbers. Dignity technology historically finds 87% of these new addresses and phone numbers. This data is shared with our clients

The number one patient complaint in our industry is billing office communication. Dignity clients experience a 46% increase in satisfactory customer service rates nationwide.

Medicaid is the top source of revenue for most FQHC's. Finding missing Medicaid opportunities is essential to your billing success. The added revenue from these found billing opportunities more than offset the cost of Dignity's entire service package.

Dignity clients saved an average of 40% billing costs. Not only is the cost of statements eliminated, but the employee costs for answering incoming phone calls dramatically decrease your billing costs. The hidden gem is that the extra time your employees have not answering phone calls provides additional resources to do what you do best, billing insurance and working denials.

Clients using Dignity's self-pay consulting services increased revenue on average by 30% while decreasing costs by 40%.

This process require 2 days onsite and is completed with 10 days of the site visit. Satisfaction is guaranteed, no questions asked. Read what our clients are saying.



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